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What is SBK


Superbikes are new age motorcycles, offering an experience which is far superior to the other bikes in the market. These superbikes come in fancy designs and shapes. Also, they have very powerful engines for great speed and fast acceleration.

Unlike an ordinary motorcycle, superbikes are not just used for commuting but are also bought for a better riding experience. Most superbikes owners have a passion for riding bikes and hence have no qualm in investing in them.
The engine is powerful and has a huge cubic capacity. This huge engine means that the superbike too will be heavier and bulkier as compared to the regular motorbikes. Superbikes provide very strong and quick acceleration. They can acquire a lot of speed almost instantly, and this is what makes them fancied. The brakes of these bikes too are very powerful. No matter what speed you are driving at, you can bring it to a grinding halt by a simple two finger tug on the front brake lever. The rear brakes too are used when the speed is low, and they can assist in keeping the bike stable. Handling a superbike needs practice, as it is different from the handling of a regular bike. The turning radius is huge and thus it becomes difficult to turn and manoeuvre at a low speed. Especially in crowded areas, riding these bikes through the traffic can be a difficult task. At U turns, there should be more precaution with these bikes. At a speed of more than 40 k/hr these bikes are fabulous to ride on.



Concentration- Superbikes demand great concentration from the rider as they gain very high speed in a matter of a few seconds. Therefore, focus is imperative to avoid any road mishaps.
Riding gear- It is important to wear a good riding gear before riding a superbike. This gear is needed to protect the rider not only during accidents but also during the ride itself. The speed acquired by these bikes is high and at high speeds stone chips, wooden particles and other particles from the road can come and hit the biker. These particles can be especially dangerous, if they enter your eye.
Learning & Experience – Before riding a superbike, it is important to start on bikes with lower capacities. This helps the biker gather the experience and skill to ride a higher capacity bike. Also learn about the workings of these superbikes by reading more about them, watching biking events, and even talking to others who ride these bikes. This knowledge will be very helpful in riding with more confidence.
Learn to ride smoothly- A smooth and dream like ride is what people want from superbikes. It is all about a better riding experience. You shall be advised to shift gears smoothly and even accelerate and brake smoothly. Sudden abrupt acceleration or deceleration of the bike can cause the bike to skid and may result in a major accident.
Be careful where you ride- Superbikes do not really do well in crowded places and in too much traffic. The superbike can brake really quickly and therefore it is better to avoid braking too suddenly as most other vehicles cannot stop as fast your superbike and this may result in a collision.
Maintenance- Keep the bike in good condition. Always see if there is anything loose or damaged; like tyres, chains, light bulbs, brakes etc. Having anything damaged can make the ride unsafe.
Good Fuel- The hardware of these bikes is expensive and needs to be taken care of. Make sure the fuel you use is of good quality. Also make sure the coolant and oil is fed to the bike as needed. Improper fuel can spoil bike engine. Also maintain a log book to record mileage; this is done not only to know how expensive the maintenance of the superbike is but it also helps in knowing the condition of the engine. A good healthy engine will consume lesser fuel.
Keep a low beam on- It is better to keep the beam of your bike on even during the day. It helps the other vehicles notice the bike even in heavy traffic and crowded places.
Slow down when needed- Remember the rest of the people on the road are not on superbikes. Thus they will move at a certain speed. In crowded areas or where people cross the road, always slow down the bike to accommodate the other people on the road.


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