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Assam Bikers’ – 1st Anniversary Ride

The passion for biking transcends barriers of geography, terrain, religion, language and all other impediments. With this very belief, Assam Bikers, a group for biking enthusiasts, was brought into existence a year back. Not only did it want to lay a platform for all biking enthusiasts of Assam to come together, but it also aspired to propagate such values as driving safety, unity and brotherhood.

Quite aptly, its first anniversary (23rd June, 2013) was marked with a ride which further promoted its motto of ‘Ride Safe, Ride United’.
We got in touch with Mr. Mayur Mahanta, founder of Assam Bikers, to capture more insights about the event and its accomplishments. Following are the excerpts of the conversation:

So, what was the event about?
As you know, we completed one successful year on the 23rd of June, and we wanted to mark that with a ride; after all that is what we do best, don’t we? The last one year has been highly satisfactory. We managed to organize various successful rides during the period and also received the honour of being the biggest biker group in Assam. Invitations were sent out to all our associated bikers for this anniversary ride. Unfortunately, nature didn’t seem to be by our side. Heavy rains resulted into major water logging on the roads, but that wasn’t enough to deter the spirits of our riders. We still managed to have 120 bikers on 70 bikes, who joined us at the prescribed time. One has to appreciate their spirit as it isn’t easy to take a ride through roads which are inundated in knee-deep water.

Tell us what all things took place at the event.
We wanted to make this a special event, and hence various different activities had been planned and organized. After taking a ride, which itself became adventurous because of the water on the roads, we congregated at the destination where we cut our 1st anniversary cake. Post that, there were 6 rounds of ‘10m Slow Bike Race’ organized, and this happened to be quite an entertainer. Bikers were categorized on the basis of their length of association with Assam Bikers, and were made to indulge in the race. The winners were offered prizes, which were sponsored by MOTUL. Moreover, there was also a treasure hunt that the bikers participated in. They were supposed to look for the hidden treasure in the jungle, but the catch was that they were all supposed to wear helmets while doing so. Such prizes as Assam Bikers MOTUL official tee shirts, MOTUL Chain Clean and others were good motivation for the bikers to dig out the hidden treasures. In short, it was an event full of activities that kept the participants involved and entertained.

How was the spirit at the event?
Yes, this was one point that I really wanted to mention. By our name, people might think that our group only caters to the bikers in Assam or the North Eastern region of India. However, that isn’t exactly how it is. We welcome bikers from all corners of the globe, without any distinction of caste, creed, colour, religion, etc. It was the same value that echoed in the event too as all bikers shared their passion for riding without worrying too much about the other details. We promote unity and brotherhood, and that is what we will do, always!!

Do you plan to organize this event in the coming years too?
Absolutely; this wasn’t supposed to be a one-off affair. We plan to organize such anniversary rides every single year, and ensure that there is an increasing level of fun and frolic each year. In fact, we have envisaged this ride to convert into a full-fledged one week event in the near future, composing of rides, exhibitions, biking events, competitions, etc. We would solicit the presence of riders from all across the world, hence strengthening our belief of global unity and brotherhood.

Anything else that you would like to share?
During this event, we weren’t just confined to biking and all the other activities. We also emphasized on biking safety. It was mandatory for all bikers (and pillions) to wear helmets, full jeans and shoes. This was meant to inspire all those people who saw the rides on the roads and are seeing it now through the media. All bikers signed the ‘Assam Bikers Helmet for Change’ as a promise to always ride safe and wear a helmet while driving.

This sounds truly fantastic. I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the luck for the future.
Thank you so much. Take care!!


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