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BFI Riders on a Mission to Spread a Message of Safe Riding!

The Bike Festival of India, a joint initiative by Rhiti Sports & Event Capital marked the beginning of the festival with the National Safety Ride in Delhi on 31st August. The ride was flagged off by Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma. The first edition of the Bike Festival of India is slated to be held on 4th & 5th October at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida.
India’s cricket legend and bike aficionado, MS Dhoni is the face of the Bike Festival of India. He owns the only Hellcat in the whole of Asia along with a range of other super bikes. Being a passionate biker himself, MS Dhoni owns a Ducati, Harley Davidson, Ninja Kawasaki, Yamaha Thundercat, Enfield Mechismo & a Yamaha RXZ-135. MS Dhoni will be present at the end of the Safety Ride to felicitate the riders with a badge & certificate that shall be a lifetime memory with the riders.

Triumph bikes to ride
Ride Till I Die, India’s only portal for bikers, is managing the entire ride on ground for BFI with a ride manager & photographer. Avid rider, Pratish Ambekar from Ride Till I Die will be riding in the second section of this journey. He begins riding on 7th September from Pune and will ride with Jaspreet Aiden up to Chennai. The entire ride has been broken into four sections & the Star Riders comprise of bike enthusiasts; Rahul Sharma & Rohan Monga who are currently riding section one, Pratish Ambekar & Jaspreet Aiden in section two, Urvashi Patole & Sheetal Bidaye in section three, lastly we have Anjaly Rajan & Venkat in the fourth section.
The course of this ride will take the riders across the length & breadth of the country, spanning 8170 kms spread across a period of thirty days. The ride will halt at various cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chandigarh. They will be greeted by bikers and clubs at all these locations for a meet & greet session.
Present at the launch of the Safety ride, biker and co-founder of Ride Till I Die, Abhishek Kadam said, “There were bikes ranging from Harleys to Triumphs, various sport bikes & the Honda Gold Wing at the event. About a hundred plus bikers were in attendance to support the flag off for the safety ride. What made the event a learning experience also” Abhishek said “was various personalities and riders like Deepa Mallik & Sandeep Gajjar from XBHP to share their experiences. Also present were country heads of Triumph Motorcycles & Polaris Motorcycles along with Ikjot Singh Bhasin, a key founder of the Bike Festival of India.”

Star riders
Royal Enfield Team Manager, Praveen Sathaye ensured he made it to Delhi for the flag off event of the National Safety Ride. “It was a well organized event & it was one of the best flag off events I have attended so far” acknowledged Praveen. Also heaving a sigh of relief, Praveen said “it was good they didn’t opt for a prominent location like India Gate for the flag off as it would have attracted unwanted attention.” Praveen plans to meet the riders in Mumbai & Chandigarh once they reach there.
Star rider & co-founder of Ride Till I Die, Pratish Ambekar, needless to say was present at the flag off event “Triumph motorcycles” Pratish said “is BFI’s motorcycle partner for the National Safety Ride. Triumph has provided the Triumph Speed & Triumph Thunderbird Storm for the Star Riders to ride. Their personnel were explaining about the bikes in greater detail to the Star Riders chosen to ride through the journey.”

Flag off
Amongst the many riders present, one such inspirational rider in attendance was Deepa Malik. Born with the soul of a biker, Deepa Malik made biking her passion though she is a professional sports person. For her the flag off meant many things; “The flag off highlighted the true spirit of biking” she said. “The brotherhood of biking was clearly palpable in the air & after coming directly from my training camp; it felt good to re-unite with family.” Of course she did state very correctly, “Biking as a hobby is still in the developing stages in India. BFI will not only introduce the spirit of biking to a bikers’ family, but will also bring in new riders into the fold; and in the right way, with the correct understanding of safe riding.”
The BFI safety ride not only promotes safe riding but also introduces the concept of safe riding to potential bikers. As Ms. Malik has correctly put, “Bikers are truly good people & true bikers understand the meaning of the brotherhood, the blood group of biking. And they know the importance of riding in full gear rather than a fool’s gear.”


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