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BFI’s Star Riders at Ahmedabad!

Triumph Motorcycles West Coast & on ground tour managing team, Ride Till I Die welcomed the Star Riders Rohan Monga & Dr. Rahul Sharma with open arms yesterday.

Ahmedabad saw, albeit briefly, two of Triumph’s crème motorcycles cruising the streets from the moment the riders entered the city. And we must say, the bikes; Triumph Speed & Triumph Thunderbird Storm attracted eyeballs from all alike – young & old. Shiny red & bold black, two premium bikes from Triumph’s fleet were a pleasure to the eyes.

As soon as the riders entered Ahmedabad, they headed for the most prominent place in town; Sabarmati Ashram – the abode of Mahatma Gandhi before the great Dandi march. What better way and place to promote safe riding! Sweating & tired from the ride the riders were yet eager to get a good view of the Ashram. Needless to say there was a huge gathering of onlookers admiring the riders & their bikes. The humongous bikes, coupled with fabulous riders from Born 2 Ride Motorcycle Club, Delhi & the riders’ protective gear was what attracted people. As the ride is termed – National Safety Ride, in the full spirit of celebrating & promoting safe riding, the bikers were dressed in full safety gear.


Team Ride Till I Die was present on ground to interact with the riders. One thing both the riders shared in common was the riding experience from Udaipur to Ahmedabad. “The road was smooth as silk and it was a pleasure riding on these roads.” said Rohan. Well, for Rahul “The bikes are strong and powerful and it’s completely a different experience from riding a regular V twin engine bike. Both bikes are equipped with the parallel twin engine which is highly powerful” Both riders ride each of the bikes alternately to have a complete riding experience. And we must say, these are beautiful beasts that Triumph Motorcycles as BFI’s Motorcycle partner have provided for the ride. The riders change but the bikes remain the same all through the ride.

It was soon time for the riders to head to the Triumph West Coast showroom in Ahmedabad where Riderni, Anjaly Rajan was waiting to greet them & to send the bikes for a check at Triumph’s workshop. Ride Till I Die escorted the riders and team to Triumph West Coast. And again, we saw people just stop and stare at these beasts smoothly coasting the streets of Ahmedabad.

The first meet & greet session between the Star riders & various clubs in Ahmedabad was a huge success. Rahul & Rohan were warmly welcomed into the fold as is synonymous with the biking brotherhood. The initiative undertaken by BFI was greatly appreciated by all the riders present. The clubs present were; Gun Riders Motorcycle Club, Enfield Pirates & Riderni. There were a lot of other riders like Binny Sharma – a prominent singer & biker for life, Dr, Sarika Mehta; psychologist, racer & the lady who rode 1700 kms in 24 hours to complete the Ironbutt challenge.


United in passion, every rider present made the meet & greet experience unique and one of a kind and everyone made Rohan & Rahul feel at ease and at home. Riders were given a platform to share their experiences. But one very important point highlighted in the session came from Dr. Sarika, “Riders” she said “talk about safety. But tend to normally educate those who know about safety already within the club. But why not conduct workshops outside the fold of the club to educate parents and young riders for taking adequate safety measures? This is an initiative that we as riders have to take to reduce road risk & rash driving. It’s about making new and potential riders aware that not only are their lives at risk, but others on the road as well are at risk because of their unsafe riding.” To this Ms. Sarika received a huge round of applause and the Star riders greatly appreciated the efforts she’s putting in as a rider to educate the young ones about safe riding.

The Star riders greatly appreciated the meet & greet session along with media interaction organized by Anjaly. It was a pleasure having the first of the many meet & greet sessions at Ahmedabad.

About the Riders: Rohan Monga & Dr. Rahul Sharma are members of the Delhi based Born 2 Ride Motorcycle Club.

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