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Budget Better, Ride Better

Whenever one plans for a trip, each ride is filled with apprehensions and concers; especially if its long road trip. Check these tips that will help you stick to your budget for a Leh-Ladkh ride.

What to take along? How much will it cost? And the last one is probably the most important one; money which is always a concern, no matter how interesting the trip is, you would always want to keep it under some budget constraint. Not always does that decrease the fun, sometimes it even increases it, when you realize that you actually have lived a “planned” trip!

A bike trip to leh-ladakh includes the minimum and obvious cost of fuel, food, accommodation, but if smartly budgeted, can be done in a cost effective way. Here we list 10 points to be kept in mind, before setting out for the trip, which can help you in an effective budget planning.

1. Ask those of your friends/ relatives, who have been to such trips, about everything like anything, asking all sorts of questions on budgeting as where did they stay, how was the experience, can they get you some discount, and similar stuff.

2. Borrow things like jacket, riding pants, shoes, goggles, tool box, and other travel accessories from people if possible. You need to start doing all this well in advance.

3. Plan the trip with as many people as possible to lower down the accommodation charges.

4. Carry a few maggi/ready to cook packets and cook in the portable steam jug, to avoid spending much on snacks and all.

5. Try learning local language a little bit! Believe me it works! Can fetch you a little discount at local shops/accommodating houses.

6. Always carry amply amount of cash and fuel bags with you through the trip, to avoid riding kilometers in order to find atms and petrol pumps.

7. Keep asking for shortcuts from localites

8. Carry only the necessary stuff, this will save you with a lot of money you otherwise will end up spending on accommodating/ taking along that additional stuff.

9. Cut down your phone, don’t panic if its not charged/network’s not there. Call @home once in a day using some std booth, and spend rest of your time with nature. World’s not gonna change back @home without you in 10 days 🙂

10. Finally, avoid overspending on food/luxurious accommodation, its the beauty of nature and the company of your bike that will build memories, not those great rooms.

Cherish the journey, and get immersed in nature for those few days. Set off with these ten tips, and share your journey with us. We love building and sharing ride memories. Have a great trip!


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