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Delhi to Nepal in 24 hours!

About the trip:

The Challenge ride “Bahadur Shah Safar 2014” was organized by Guns Motorcycling. Challenge was to cover ~900 Kms in 24 Hours.
The troop of riders Flagged off @ 5 am on Saturday April 5, 2014, even before the Dawn could actually Break the silence, it was broken by 30 Bikers revving up their Bikes, all set to accomplish the milestone.


Where did I go?

Ride was flagged off from South Ex (New Delhi) to Bhimdatta (Nepal) and back.


My Experience:

Since the start of my “Biking” love, I had the heartiest wish to complete a cross country challenge ride. This dream came to reality on April 5, 2014, the day we flagged off for Delhi – Nepal – Delhi “Bahadur Shah Safar 2014” Cross country ride.

We started heading to Bhimdatta via Rampur, Roads were good on Moradabad highway and we were pacing together with an average speed of 60- 65 kmph, we took our first tea break at Rampur and kept heading towards our destination, this was the moment post which we started our solo ride.

Roads from Rampur to Rudrapur were the most worsening ones, with breakers and pits all over, it was a hard time accelerating my Fury (Bike) to 60 – 70 kmph. I kept on staring at the road to check the pits which might hurt and can turn my bike into bad shape. After reaching Rudrapur, had a good breakfast with a cup of tea as refreshment and with my Riding gears all over body began to vroom in again. Next stop taken was at Nanak sagar dam in Uttrakhand for watching the scenic view, with roads becoming better after Nanak sagar dam, it was getting easy for me to ride. Finally crossed Khatima and reached Nepal border by 2:00 pm. By 2:15 pm was good to ride inside Nepal with toll slip signed by Nepal border police along with a warm welcome. Felt glad to hit the First target.

Saw beautiful markets of Nepal had some good snacks and was ready to ride back, as the challenge was yet to be completed.

It was 4:30 pm when I started riding back from Nepal following the same track, every passing minute was warning me to cross rudrapur -> Rampur road, as it could have been a bad mess riding at night with worsening condition of road having no street lights. Took a short break at Rudrapur and then it was the time for the real test on the way back from Rudrapur to Rampur, it was already around 15 hours of ride and every single kilometer on the road was itself a challenge. Was able to cross Rampur with good time in my hand to complete the ride, took a short break at Rampur and that was the time I asked myself with still 180 Kilometers of asphalt to be ridden “will I be able to make it”, and got the answer as “This is what you have been waiting for, what is stopping you now?”. With the dream in my eyes and body covered with riding gears sat on my Fury (Bike) and the juices started flowing in my body again with the roar of her engines asking me to complete the ride. Finally took off from Rampur and checked in at South ex (Delhi – Place we started the ride) at 1:00 pm still 4 hours ahead of timeline of challenge and messaged my inspiration of the Ride, updating the status as “Yes I made it with no scratches”.

Awesome is what I felt after completing the ride… coz Racing the wind, Riding the Rain and Chasing the sunset is something that only a Biker understands.

“I ride… You drive… Know the Difference!”


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