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World’s First RE Continental GT scales all Heights!

Well truly built like a gun is none other than our very own Royal Enfield which is extremely made to take us anywhere we want and do what we think of doing. I truly bow down to the RE ppl for making me own proud owners of 2 RE : Classic 350 and Continental GT.

What can I say about the GT, As a kid I always wanted to own a mean machine which was truly made for Indian Roads like RE. So to begin , I had a poster stuck up on my ceiling whenever I would go to sleep I looked at it and it made me reach one step closer to having the bike of my dreams.

The day I received a call from my dealer that my bike has reached to the showroom , without wasting any time I started my classic engine and straight headed to the showroom and when I saw the glimpse of it, the feeling is truly undescribable .

Thank you RE for this amazing bike which also made me get the guts inside to be the 1st person to take a Continental GT to the highest motorable road in India and set a record for myself and RE .

The journey is always amazing when you step in your shoes , start the engine and ride the rough road .

To begin my Journey, I Started off from Chandigarh with some of my friends. The jourmey from Chandigarh to Jammu was quite smooth as I was looking forward to reach the heights of leh ladakh .

The weather was quite sunny as usual the kind of weather we would expect during the month of June. From jammu on the 2nd day we started off to Srinagar passing through those valleys and mountains and taking the blessing of Vaishno Devi Mata for making our journey quite smooth and without getting in in any hassles .But then while riding we were thinking what is it without not experiencing any hassles in the journey which makes it even more challenging .Well the whole journey was quite picturesque .

Srinagar was very beautiful as I had heard about it .The roads , the trees , the breeze , the smell , the mountains , the people , the indian jawans who are posted there to protect us all . A SALUTE to them all.

The roads were smooth as silk , the main national highway NH1; I have never ever driven on such a highway in India as being quite fanatic for travelling to various locations around North India .The GT was running quite nicely as I expected with the sounds of those engines buzzing in my ears and as I was driving to Kargil on the 3rd day from Srinagar , each car that was passing by stopped to take a glimpse of the GT and was saluted me for my guts to bring it up to the heights. Believe me, seeing this made me feel so energetic because instead of taking pictures of the mountains, people were busy taking pictures of the GT and having a serious discussion making them have the GT parked in their garages as soon as they reach home sweet home.

Kargil , how can we forget the Kargil War or Kargil Jang that took place in 1999 and reaching there gave me such a huge adrenaline rush. The temperature was dipping and dipping as we were slowly reaching to the top of the world.

On the 4th day we started our engines and hit the road towards Leh. I was eagerly waiting to get on my GT and start the journey as soon as possible. The road was amazing and seeing each army truck passing by made us stop at the side of the road and one by one so many of them had crossed, I could not even remember the count of it .But then it was worth waiting. Finally we reached our destination Leh which made me go back reminding me how much I was talking of being there and having quarrels with my parents but then I wanted to be the 1st person to reach on a GT .

That evening we searched some hotel rooms so that we could really relax ourselves from the journey we had so far. Everyone was tired but then the whole atmosphere and serenity made us feel so alive. We sat outside on the roof gazing at the stars and seeing at each other saying we did it we did it. At that point of time I felt so proud of myself with what I have achieved so far and what I was going to achieve. It gave me an immense sense of satisfaction and joy. I was truly loving myself and my whole family who are always supporting me with my decisions.

Well that night we sat down and made a plan of visiting some beautiful landscapes we can find in India the next morning. We all were so much in need of a nice sleep so that we could get up fresh and get on our bikes and start the journey again.

Getting up in chandigarh and getting up in Leh was quite a fantastic feeling. There was so much of peace you could feel , it was as if you were dreaming while you were still awake. I got on my GT and headed towards Stanti Stupa ,Hall of Fame and Leha palace.

After being the whole day out visiting these places ,on the 6th day we started moving towards Khardungla and Diskit and Nubra Valley which was even more higher than Leh and we could really feel the need for oxygen out there. But eventually reaching there made me want to go more higher and higher making me test the limit of the GT and it did not disappoint me at all during this whole time and I absolutely loved it.

On the 7th day we went to the 2nd highest motorable road Changla Valley and Pangong lake and I was thinking to myself I have attempted to make a world record to be the 1st person solo on GT and I was jumping like crazy. I looked around clicked pictures with my GT and bowed down to the GT.

On the 8th day we headed back from where we started and I really did not want to leave the place and wanted to continue my journey higher and higher but then I thought I have achieved quite a lot.

Well I cannot tell how much I feel proud of myself making a world record and that too being associated with the GT gives me an immense pleasure to tell people that no matter what comes in your way one should surely make a trip down to Leh on your RE.


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