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World Motorcycle Day Ride; Enfield Pirates!

Enfield Pirates proudly rode their Ahmedabad Chapter for the first time on World Motorcycle Day. And it  was a celebratory ride; celebrating the biking brotherhood across the nation.

“HEY! This custom handlebar on your bike looks great! However, Is it good for riding?”

“Oh Yes! It’s simply awesome. Comfortable as well as stylish”

“Really! How much of your time did it take to build this thing?”

“Almost 30 days. Since I work at Royal Enfield, I could manage to focus on it and build a custom bike for myself! Yayy.”

“Oh!. Nice work man. Really appreciate.”

Well, its not a conversation among two friends meeting after a long span of time. It’s a conversation among two riders meeting for the first time during ‘World Motorcycle Day Ride’, organized by Enfield Pirates in Aapno Ahmedabad.

It’s very easy for bikers to strike any conversation around bikes and gel with each other easily. This is what we people call – Biking Brotherhood. 21st of June is celebrated as the ‘World Motorcycle Day’ across the world (Wow) and we decided to celebrate it with the one and only bikers’ club – Enfield Pirates. This was my first ride with Enfield Pirates Ahmedabad and man what a ride it was!

Plan was to complete Ahmedabad fully, on Sardar Patel Ring Road and celebrate the day with some chai pakoda & chit chat with fellow bikers. We were supposed to meet near Science City at 6:30 in the morning and start riding by 7 sharp. I was second to reach there after the dude Chirag Shah. His Black Enfield Pirates branded t-shirt helped me in recongnizing him. Seriously, they have an eye catching logo dude! Others followed too, very soon and we were ready to rule the road!!  Riding plan was as simple as anything. Everyone was supposed to ride in a file of two and follow the ultimate ride captain. Wing commander will manage the traffic and organize the file effectively. Everyone got in to rhythm once we finished a few kilometers. Then what was waiting was awesomeness!

Synced thumps are best music for a bike lover. – Tanmay Shanishcahra 

We enjoyed riding around the awesome outskirts of Amdavad, following all rules, while carefully crossing each busy junction and heavy traffics. Weather was calm and watching the sun rising in the east was the best memory of the trip. Soon, we reached SGVP circle, and decided to break for chai and snacks. Kalpesh signaled us to stop and ordered for delicious chai. Such rides are great joy and helps you make new buddies.

I made a few good friends and met some inspiring riders over this trip. An enjoyable short ride came to an end with a few pictures clicks and a ‘bye-bye’ to everyone.


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