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The Bike Festival of India: Riders of India Unite Here.

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Biking, adventure, camping, food and festivities! If these words excite you even remotely, then you need to get yourself to the Buddh International Circuit on 4th and 5th October to be a part of an event that’s never been done before in the country! As Asia’s grandest biking festival kicks off next weekend, bikers from various parts of the country will come together to share their love for biking and adventurous thrills! The icing on the cake will be the presence of India’s most successful cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni whose passion for biking is well known. Dhoni will not only be present at the event, but he will also have his splendid, vintage collection of bikes on display at the event. These include Dhoni’s most prized possession – the Hellcat X132. He is the only person in Asia to own one of these beauties that are a part of Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt’s collections.

 The Bike Festival of India (BFI) is a two day biking fiesta with everything bikers love! This is an event for the bikers, of the bikers and by the bikers. BFI features three main championships which is Track lap time championship, Drag championship and the XDL Stunt championship which is being hosted in India for the very first time. Known personalities from the stunting world like Jesse Toler and Aaron Twite shall be attending the festival as well.

Aside from the bikes, for the very first time, you will get an opportunity to camp at the circuit. Yes, you heard it right! You can camp at the circuit for a complete experience. There are street food stalls, tattoo artists, virtual bike racing and a host of talented musicians, DJs and artists to enthrall participants. The festival will feature live music concert headlined by the very renowned band Parikrama. There are a host of adventure sports at the venue such as rappelling, paragliding, and much more.

There are no restrictions on the kind of bike you can ride at the festival. All that matters is your passion for biking! This is one of the aspects of the festival that makes it different from other similar biking festivals. The Bike Festival of India also lays great emphasis on the importance of safety in biking. Bikers can have a great time and tons of adventures while being safe too. That is why the festival is preceded by a month long National Safety Ride designed to educate bikers about the importance of safe biking.

Biking, stunt riding, the incomparable MS Dhoni, adventure, fun, music, games and fellowship – the Bike Festival of India has all the ingredients that will give the bikers an experience to live for a lifetime!

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