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Ride with Dhoni at the Bike Festival of India

If you eat, drink and sleep bikes then you’ll know that the 4th and 5th of October are dates you must mark in your calendar. Life will never be the same for bike and adventure fans after this weekend filled with bikes, racing, thrills, music, adventure and festivities at the Buddh Circuit in Noida. And there’s one more thing! Mahendra Singh Dhoni! Add that to the mix and what you get is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Bike Festival of India (BFI) is a two day biking fiesta with everything bikers love! This is an event for the bikers, of the bikers and by the bikers. BFI features three main competitions at the holy grail of biking – the Buddh Circuit:

  1. The XDL Stunt Riding Championship – the world championship of stunt riding in India for the very first time
  2. The Track Racing Championship across various bike categories
  3. The Drag Race Championship

And if that is not enough, MS Dhoni’s much talked about bike collection will be on display at the extravaganza. Of course, the stunning Hellcat will be on display too! Dhoni is the only Asian to own one of those beauties.

Aside from the bikes, the racing and the championships, there are a host of adventure sports at the venue such as rappelling, paragliding, bungee jumping and much more. For those less adventurous, there are arm wrestling, weight lifting, bench press, rock climbing, burger eating and cola drinking championships all guaranteed to add to the camaraderie with fellow adventure and biking enthusiasts. There are street food stalls, tattoo artists, virtual bike racing and a host of talented musicians, DJs and artists to enthrall participants. The festival will feature music such as Sufi, Rock, EDM and Bollywood Dance Music (BDM).

This is the only such biking festival in India. There are no restrictions on the kind of bike you can ride at the festival. All that matters is your passion for biking! The Bike Festival of India also lays great emphasis on the importance of safety in biking. Bikers can have a great time and tons of adventures while being safe too. That is why the festival is preceded by a month long National Safety Ride designed to educate bikers about the importance of safe biking.


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